Preschool One

In Preschool One we are licensed for 24 preschoolers with 3 Educators.

We believe that fostering the children’s independence skills is an integral part of their development. When a child masters a skill such as putting on their own coat (Flip, flop over the top), pouring their own water during snack, or putting their shoes on the proper feet (Don’t walk like a penguin!), we as teachers enjoy celebrating these achievements along with the children.

Children, like adults, are interested in doing and learning about the things that they are passionate about. This is where our learning journey begins! We follow the children’s interests and adapt their learning environment around those interest areas. As educators, we are very interested in having a good connection with the community and families. You as parents and guardians play an important role. Consistency, communication, and cooperation between parents and caregivers play an important part in the child’s overall development. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to play a vital role in your child’s early learning.