Preschool Two

The Preschool Two classroom is licensed for 24 children between the ages of two and a half and four years old. Some children come full-time while others come part-time or have flexible schedules.

We believe that preschoolers are curious little creatures. Every day in the preschool room is different, both rewarding and challenging. We believe the children learn best through play and hands-on activities. We also know that we have much to learn from them.

It is important to us to provide a safe environment for the children and ensure that each child has space of their own. If children feel safe and attached to their caregivers they will be able to express themselves and explore their surroundings independently and develop friendships.

Our preschoolers have the opportunity to explore the outdoors in unstructured play in the mornings and afternoons. The daily routine consists of uninterrupted time for open-ended play and exploration, open opportunities for creative experiences, small group activities, quiet or manipulative activities, sensory exploration, and planned creative activities. As the children engage in these activities throughout the day, we take pictures of your children so that we can share their experiences with you. We know you must think of your little ones throughout the day and we are very happy to provide you with a glimpse of their activities and learning.

We always look forward to what each day brings in the preschool room. Some days we might see some tears, but every day we see smiles and hear laughter. It’s a rewarding experience for us when a child reaches a milestone or overcomes a challenge. We are happy to spend time with your child and we look forward to making memories with them.