Blog #2-July 2022

Summer has arrived, and with it change.

Change with the weather, the children, routines, and holidays.

Summer is a time to adapt to new routines, to enjoy time with family, and to enjoy the beautiful weather.

COVID presented many challenges, including families needing to spend a great deal of time together.

I encourage you now to spend time together because you want to, to enjoy events in your community, to be healthy together, and appreciate each other.

Reflecting on this past year one thing I have learned, is to appreciate your time.  COVID made us slow down, and stay home.  So many of us are rushing around every day and feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

Take a minute, an hour, a day, to be with your children.  A very important topic in the Early Childhood field is just being with.  Just be with your child.  No need to do anything special.  No need for constant conversation.  No need for technology.  Just be with your child; give them your full attention and just follow their lead.  Just be with them because you want to be.  In their way, they will show/tell you what they need from you in that moment.

I say all of this because before you know it, your children are headed off to kindergarten and grade one.  They are graduating from grade 8, from high school and post-secondary.  Then…starting their own family (yikes!)  Time goes by in the blink of an eye (I know it doesn’t seem like it during those long sleepless nights), and if there is anything I can share with you, is to enjoy the moments. 

Your children are constantly changing, growing, moving, talking, developing.  Our Educators know these moments are special to you, and work hard a documenting all that your child does, so you don’t miss out.

Being a parent is the most difficult thing in the world, and yet the most rewarding.  Don’t let this time sneak by you, soak in every moment!

Enjoy the now, enjoy being with your child.

I want to wish all of our families a safe and healthy summer, with many adventures and experiences.  And remember, all your child needs, is YOU.


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